Extra protection against COVID-19 

Defend people and environments against Coronavirus with Gateway Personal Protection Tunnels.

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Protect more people and environments

Placing the Gateway at key entry and exit points will funnel people through sanitisation points providing an additional layer of defence to your space or environment. 

LED Traffic Light System

LED lights display green and red in the ceiling of the Gateway instructing users as they pass through the mist tunnel.

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Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel is brought to you by Conditioned Environment Mechanical Services Ltd.

Safe to use, harmless to people

The sanitisation tunnel uses a water-based organic sanitiser that does not irritate the skin or eyes
and is environmentally friendly. 

The Gateway disinfectant tunnel reduces the risk of transmission by deactivating any virus particles that are present on clothes or exposed skin.

Reduces risk of
Coronavirus transmission

Dry-mist from
head-to-toe in seconds

In just 5 seconds the anti virus 
dry-mist will provide full body coverage to minimise the risk of a person carrying virus particles on their clothes.

Help to minimise the risk of spreading infection

Make your environments safer for shoppers, employees and visitors with our Personal Protection Tunnel technology. 

Protected in seconds

Seeing is believing, watch the Gateway disinfectant tunnel in action with this quick demonstration video.


Manufactured in the UK 

Designed and built in the UK, the Gateway sanitisation tunnel can be shipped worldwide. 

Gives you Control of Sanitisation

Ensures consistency in the level of sanitisation for everyone entering, or exiting, your space after walking through our Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel

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Whether you’re intrigued about the Gateway's features, looking for a price or just curious to find out more about how an anti-virus mist tunnel works – contact us, we are ready to answer your questions.

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Walkthrough antiviral dry mist tunnel

Safe to Use

"The formulation is supported by scientific data showing virucidal efficacy at the dosage rates and has been carefully developed to ensure that exposure concentrations are well within safe limits for humans (long term exposure)."

Dr. Yolla McCoy MCIWEM C.WEM



Available to Buy or Hire

Custom Branding

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"Safety is key and having that additional barrier is hugely important to us"

"Aylesbury care home installs coronavirus killing spray tunnel to protect residents"