Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel

Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel

How can you provide extra protection for employees and visitors to make your indoor environment COVID-secure?

Find out in this article by our co-founder, Christian Pearce

We’re committed to creating safer environments and communities:

  • A simple, effective added layer of protection
  • The UK’s only tested and verified whole-body sanitisation tunnel
  • Disables virus particles on clothes or exposed skin on contact
  • In just five seconds, helps prevent the spread of COVID-19!
  • The Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel is manufactured in the UK

    You can tailor your Gateway PPT to suit your protection needs. They are available to buy or hire and can be customised to match your organisation’s branding and colour palette.

    They have a simple traffic light system, with LED lights that display green and red in the ceiling, instructing users as they pass through.

    Designed and built in the UK, the Gateway PPT can be shipped worldwide.

    Gateway Premier

    With multi-tunnel option

    Multi-tunnel option

    Available in single, double, triple or quad tunnel configurations, which are easily moveable.

    Thermal analysis control system and Perspex screen

    Fever-scan with digital detection module rapidly carries out body temperature checks and completes facial recognition for access control. One side of the tunnel is a clear Perspex screen, allowing for full visibility and creative branding opportunities.

    Premium model

    The Gateway Premier sanitisation tunnel is our premium model. Prices start from £7,985 ex VAT and financing options are available with Plus Finance.

    Refined aluminium construction

    Brushed aluminium frame with integrated side cabinet housing electrics, sanitisation tanks and pump. Wheels, drip tray, removable non-slip flooring and internal overhead light are also incorporated.

    Available to buy or hire

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