About Gateway

The Gateway sanitisation tunnel developed by Conditioned Environment: 50 years’ experience in air conditioning, ventilation and public health.

British design and manufacture

Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel is designed by a family-run, leading UK mechanical engineering firm, Conditioned Environment.

Nationwide presence

Based in London and Edinburgh, Conditioned Environment has clients nationwide and our factory is based in Essex.

Actively working during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Gateway project meant we were able to take 13 employees out of furlough to work on research and development.

Experience across many sectors

We design innovative solutions for clients within the commercial, education, healthcare, residential, hospitality and retail industries.

Our heritage

Formed in 1968, Conditioned Environment – a mechanical specialist – fast became a leading supplier of air conditioning services throughout Central and Greater London.

We have since expanded into a multidisciplinary company, specialising in mechanical building services for design and build projects. We provide air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing and heating services for a range of sector clients including commercial, residential, healthcare, retail and education.

We provide complete customer service. Our teams work collaboratively with our clients, both design and build contractors and end-users, providing consistent and reliable support for all systems, from technical design to installation and ongoing preventative maintenance.

Our continued success has led Conditioned Environment to become a trusted advisor for our clients, with many long-standing relationships and an impressive level of repeated business.

In 2020, we’ve focused our development team on helping businesses create safer environments and reducing transmission of the coronavirus. We have focused on the development of the Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel and promoting the benefits of air purification units with UVC-integrated technology, which can effectively deactivate microorganisms.

Why choose us?

Welcome to PPE 2.0!

Our sanitisation tunnel will help build people’s confidence at work and leisure.

Book a Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel demo today

If you’d like to see one of our sanitisation tunnels in action, we’d be happy to give you a demonstration of the Gateway Premier at our Dean Street office in London. Please click the link below and we’ll be in touch.