Thermal Analysis Access Control System
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  • Non-contact detection
  • Abnormal body temperature warning
  • Measurement range between 30.C to 45.C
  • Accuracy of up to 0.3.C
  • Built-in deep learning dedicated chip
  • Speed of Facial Recognition is 0.2 seconds
  • Supports Face Recognition, Card or Fob, Reader, Body temperature, Mask Detection andQR code authentication
  • Two-way audio recorded


Fever-scan is a thermal analysis access control system that works standalone or integrates with existing access control to allow entry based on any combination of face recognition, normal temperature, mask detection and QR code or card/fob entry.

The digital detection module supports rapid body temperature detection. This means that the product can achieve face recognition and temperature detection at the same time and supports warnings for people with an abnormal body temperature. It has a wide range of applications from offices & commercial buildings to school, restaurants and many more


W 134mm x  H 33mm x D 305mm


Accurate readings

Reliable and assured temperature reading at an accuracy of up to 0.3.C

Flexible positioning

Wall mounted or fixed to a stylish metallic floor stand mount.

Thermal analysis control system

Fever - scan with digital detection module rapidly carries out body temperature checks and completes facial recognition for access control.

Secure detection

Supports 3D Thermal Face detection based on deep learning algorithm, effective against fraud such as photo and video

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