Our sanitising antiviral dry-mist is safe to use

The Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel is safe to use and sprays you with a harmless dry-mist that’s used in healthcare, food safety, water treatment and general sanitation.

The sanitiser is made from hypochlorous, which is created naturally in the white blood cells of all humans and animals for healing, protection and to fight infections.

The sanitiser has been independently tested, verified and regulated. The dry-mist spray disables virus particles present on clothes or exposed skin on contact.

About the sanitiser

The sanitiser we use is non-hazardous and requires no exposure control when being sprayed on people. All products meet British and European standards, are environmentally friendly and alcohol free. The solution is water-based and used by hospitals for disinfecting and sanitising. Data safety sheets are available on request.

Safe and harmless to use

The sanitiser is water-based and organic. It doesn’t irritate the skin or eyes and is safe to use and environmentally friendly.

Fast and natural

Our sanitiser eliminates pathogens in a completely harmless way; it is nature’s disinfectant and a powerful oxidant that’s effective against invading bacteria, fungi and viruses. Hypochlorous oxidizes bacteria in a matter of seconds.

Safe dosage, non-toxic

We’ve calculated the exact amount of sanitiser required against the volume of people. Exposure concentrations are within safe EH40 limits for humans. The active ingredient is approved by the UK Drinking Water Inspectorate for levels of 0.5 ppm as total oxidant.

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Leading systems, engineering and technology company, Frazer Nash Consultancy, carried out computer fluid dynamic analysis to visualise the sanitiser in action.

They found that when a person passes through the Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel for three seconds, the controlled misting covers 97 
to 98.3% of their exposed skin, clothes and shoes, increasing to 99.4 
to 100% of a person after five seconds. Coverage can be increased 
by the user holding their arms overhead and rotating their body.

The Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel in action

Watch how you can ensure consistency of sanitisation
for everyone entering, or exiting your space.


Placing the Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel at key entry and exit points 
will funnel people through the sanitisation tunnel and provide an additional 
layer of protection against the spread of coronavirus to your environment. 
Find out more below:

The Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel is the UK’s only tested and verified personal protection gate which provides a whole-body sanitising system. The product can reduce the transfer of COVID-19 and offers an additional line of defence for businesses, venues or care facilities, providing staff and the general public alike with the reassurance and confidence they need to return to these facilities.

It provides a tunnel for people to walk through – a little like an airport scanner – and uses controlled, odourless, dry-misting of a treated water-based solution to disable bacteria and viruses. In just five seconds, the dry-misting covers over 99% of a person’s exposed skin and clothes and disables 99.994 – 99.999% of viruses and bacteria.

The unpredictability of the coronavirus outbreak means we must be thorough in implementing a combination of control strategies that together can minimise transmission of the virus.

Our sanitisation tunnel has broad application in multiple environments as an extra line of defence. Any locations with high footfall, particularly in the built environment that have a high level of contact hotspots or where there are vulnerable people who need extra protection against coronavirus.

Care homes, building sites, retail outlets, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, offices, gyms, hotels, restaurants, pubs, museums, leisure attractions, cinemas and airports are all places that could benefit from extra protection against coronavirus.

The tunnel provides an additional line of defence for any business opening its doors to employees and the general public, safely. It can be used at the entry point of these environments, alongside social distancing practices and PPE (personal protective equipment) to give an improved consistency in sanitation for everyone entering or exiting the space.

Yes, children and also pets can use the Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel. To find out more please visit The Sanitiser page.

No, the sanitiser is odourless. A fine vapour mist is produced and due to its micron size is categorised as a ‘dry mist’.

Asthma affects the lower part of the lungs. Use of the tunnel has no respiratory effects, so people who suffer from asthma are completely safe. However, we would recommend that anyone with a pre-existing respiratory problem, wear a mask as they pass through the tunnel. This is also in line with the government’s advice about wearing face masks in public places.

Fever Scan is a thermal analysis access control system. It gives an abnormal body temperature warning in the measurement range of 30oC to 45oC. It can send alert notifications to a computer or mobile via wireless connection and includes track and trace.

The Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel provides an additional line of defence and the antiviral solution used in the tunnel is proven to disable viruses and bacteria. Please note that Gateway does not prevent anyone who is already displaying COVID-19 symptoms from actively spreading the disease. However, it’s important that government guidelines on social distancing are adhered to and anyone displaying symptoms of coronavirus should self-isolate.
Leading systems, engineering and technology company, Frazer Nash Consultancy provided computer fluid dynamic analysis. Click here to see the simulation film.

The Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel has been purchased West Ham FC football Academy, Doncaster Knights RFC, the well-known London venue, Piano Works, Pavilion Theatre (Glasgow), Peverel Court Care, Battersea Power Station Construction Site and many more.

No, the sanitiser is odourless and dry. To find out more please visit The Sanitiser page.

The Gateway comes with accessible ramps, however, these are not wheelchair compliant so assistance may be required. Wheelchair compliant ramps can be custom made at an additional cost so please enquire with your requirements

We use hypochlorous to sanitise people walking through the Gateway sanitisation tunnel. This is from the chlorine family and the level that is used when you walk through a Gateway is lower than that in a swimming pool, or similar to when you visit a dentist or hospital.

Gateway - Personal Protection Tunnel dosage rates are calculated based on expected footfall.

The sanitiser we use is 70-80 times more effective at killing microbial pathogens than chlorine bleach.

To find out more please visit The Sanitiser page.

Absolutely. The Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel provides an additional line of defence for businesses, and crucially, offers reassurance to the public. We are confident that the Gateway has an important role to play in enabling businesses to operate safely.

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Help to minimise the risk of spreading infection

Make your environments safer for shoppers, employees and visitors with the Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel.

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